LIVE: Collective Soul @ The Egg, 5/20/12

Ed Roland
Ed Roland

Review and photographs by Andrzej Pilarczyk

Collective Soul’s sold-out concert in The Egg’s big Hart Theatre in Albany was a triumph for the group’s fans and the handful of critics who thought their songs would stand the test of time.

When you look back at the ’90s music scene, Collective Soul had its own prominent place among the heavy bands of the day (Live, Stone Temple Pilots, Nirvana, NIN, etc.) Along with many of those bands, they successfully blended the pop-music hooks of the day with power-rock-laden chords coupled to great, you-can-understand-the-words vocals.

This time around, the Georgia-based Collective Soul presented their entire 1999 album “Dosage” for the first half of the evening, followed by a second-set retrospective mix that spanned their entire career, including selections from their popular 2000s outings, “Youth” and “Afterwords.”

Power, intensity and wide-ranging dynamics marked Collective Soul’s exquisite performance, led by the passionate vocals of guitarist Ed Roland.

Though they may typify a two-decade-old time and place in our musical consciousness, Collective Soul still has something to say.

And at The Egg last month, they said it all to a full house of fans eagerly awaiting new songs and a new recording from the band.

Excerpt from David Singer’s review at The Daily Gazette: “Roland was a fun dancing fool on a few tunes. He flit around with his knees and toes pointing in, leaned over with both hands gripping the mike stand, singing with his wanting tones. He was a cross between Pee Wee Herman and an ultra-light Jim Morrison. ‘Slow’ featured the Collective Soul guitar hook that’s used to grip nearly all their songs. At Sunday’s concert, the hooks followed song after song and you couldn’t miss how similar they felt… ‘The World I Know’ is a great tune and scored well. ‘Hollywood’ is that quintessential Roland song. It appears to have depth, appears serious, and at certain levels it is. But in the end, every song seems to have the goal of easy consumption and quick access for the holy grail of airplay. That doesn’t make them bad, but it does keep the music in a certain box.”

Ross Childress
Joel Kosche
Dean Roland
Dean Roland
Will Turpin
Will Turpin
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  1. Brian McElhiney says

    Andrzej, I wish I could have been at this show. Great review and awesome photos as always!

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