LIVE: Keith Pray’s Soul Jazz Revival @ Spillin’ the Beans, 5/25/12


Review and video by Joel Patterson

If you want to talk about child prodigies, you better be ready to wish Maceo Pray a happy sixth birthday! His father is Keith Pray, and his dad’s band Keith Pray’s Soul Jazz Revival has always been one of the hottest tickets at the monthly Troy Night Out arts walk, when they play at Spillin’ the Beans in Troy. Keith plays the saxophone the way an eagle soars high above the landscape– effortlessly, majestically, with a stunning, awe-inspiring grace. Each of his many band projects seems to be blessed with a similar vibe: exceptionally dazzling musicianship. One time he confessed to me that it’s really very simple: “We just like music!”

During May’s edition of their Troy Night Out gig, dear old dad brought the kid onstage to sit in with the guys – drummer Bob Halek, bassist Mike Lawrence, guitarist Jim Wilson and keyboardist Scott Bassinson. Maceo unpacked his melodica and the rest, as they say, will be history…

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