Leon Redbone, What Was the First Album You Ever Bought?

Leon Redbone
Leon Redbone

“No, they didn’t even have albums when I was around – 6,000 years ago they didn’t have things like that.

“Actually though, you know, I reached for my favorite album of Gypsy recordings on 78 RPM records, and they were all broken. But the funny thing is that the one song that I was looking for wasn’t in the album, which was really strange, but it offers me a glimmer of hope that maybe that one survived.

“I don’t have a lot of records, although there are some select things that I bought that I probably still have around somewhere. I remember listening to the obvious selections which were available in the earlier part of the century. They were mainly classical selections, which I liked quite a bit. They encouraged me greatly, especially the recordings of Enrico Caruso.”

Leon Redbone brings his songbag full of classic jazz tunes, flapper-era radio ditties, Depression-spawned ragtime and World War II folk-jazz to The Egg in Albany at 7:30pm on Thursday (May 31). Bo Jest, the Kosmic Konjurer, opens the show. Tix are $28.

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  1. Bobby B says

    He’s a tough interview, huh?

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