Ask Nipper: “My Town Albany”?


We’ve decided to retire the weekly Flashback Foto contest for a while, and in its place we hope to be running a new feature, Ask Nipper, in which readers seek verification and details about various Capital Region music, arts and entertainment memories that may have become somewhat foggy over the years.

Our first Ask Nipper entry comes from Norman Kee, who writes:

I recall WQBK-FM DJ Lin Brehmer playing a song called “My Town Albany,” maybe for a Hump Day Unusual Moment. A friend happened to be running a tape, and put it on a mix tape for me. I have tried over the years to find out anything about the song, but have been able to. My friend the Interweb denies it exists. Someone out there in Nippertown knows the answer. Please help!

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  1. Ryan says

    Are you thinking of a song called, “Let’s Have a Party Albany?”
    This horrible song features local celebrities, a member of the Guardian Angels and a Priest in a We are the World style sing along. What more could you ask for? Alright, it does feature Nipper so it’s not 100% awful.

  2. PK Miller says

    I remember that–goes back >25 years, even featured in a Live at the Lakehouse show (forerunner to Park Playhouse. The “Guardian Angel” was the (in)famous Curtis Sliwa and the “priest” was none other than our own Bishop Hubbard! I believe it ran daily on some arts show at 7:30 on channel 10–this is before Wheel of Fortune & Jeopardy. The song/music video had its moments…

  3. Normando says

    To quote Troy McClure, “I wish!”

    The song I’m thinking of would seem to date from the late 50s or early 60s. The arrangement wouldn’t be out of place on the Benny Hill show. The lyrics, as I remember them, are something like this:

    When I was just a little nick
    My Daddy said to me
    Remember long and learneth quick
    This town of Albany.
    It’s New York’s [home of beauty?]
    And folks without a care
    And that’s why our founding fathers
    Put the capital city right there.

    Sing a song about, my town [maybe it’s “home”] Albany,
    my home Albany,
    my home Albany,
    It’s the place I wanna be.

    It sort of is to Albany what Ulysses is to Dublin.

  4. PetBoySherman says

    If we are talking a good long time ago – I’d suggest someone look up David Allen – he may very well recall. After all – he did write “My Life goes Round (like the Latham Circle). Who remembers that one?

  5. Matt Mac Haffie says

    Norm was kind enough to put this local gem on what we aging hipsters call a “Mix Tape” for me. It did not fair well when I took it sailing on Crooked Lake and capsized the Sun Fish(c) it and my Sony Walkman(c) went to the bottom.

  6. Mr. Eck says


    I used to have the single and I wish I still did. Sort of a pale blue label with black ink. I believe it was a promotional single for Shaefer Beer.

    The chorus actually (I believe) goes:

    Sing a song about my home Albany!
    My home Albany!
    Won’t groan, Albany is the place I want to be.

    Which is followed by a bop-bop-ba-dah kind of horn line.

    I’m trying the web, too, with not much luck.

    I bet five bucks Chuck Miller would know it.

    There was also — this is true — a single from the same era called “Journey to the Center of Cohoes.”

  7. Normando says

    Mike – thanks for the tip. I may drink several six packs of Schaefer today on the off chance that empties will earn me a copy of the single.

    You are spot on on the words.

    Re: Journey to the Center of Cohoes. Never was the chorus “Come along if you dare” more apt.

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