LIVE: The Chandler Travis Three-O @ Caffe Lena, 5/11/12


Review and video by Joel Patterson

The thing that makes Chandler Travis one of the archetypal showmen and performers of our age is not only his outlandish, swaggering humor. That’s the hook, I think… that’s what people mention and remember, the hysterically funny, outrageous wisecracks.

What really ropes you in is the awesomely courageous and gentle way he explores human emotion. All his many love songs are at the heart of it all meditations on this theme – not sentimental wishy-washy fantasies of imaginary happiness, but site specific stories of two way streets, cul-de-sacs and dead ends. It’s honest in confronting the tragic aspects, as well as the delirious joys, of falling in, out of and sideways in love.

Here he brings his quartet – naturally named Three-0 – to Saratoga Springs’ legendary Caffe Lena last Friday night. Opener was the master of solo electric guitar and sheer stream-of-consciousness poetic intensity Pete LaBonne.

NOTE: The Chandler Travis Three-O returns to Nippertown for a show the Ale House in Troy at 8pm on Saturday, June 16. Mark your calendar now…

  1. Denise says

    Chandler Travis Three-O- 5/11-captured beautifully here by Joel Patterson at Caffe’ Lena as they perform the beautiful, heartfelt “Paper Roses”…the Chandler Travis Three-O will be back in the area on Saturday June 16th when they play at The Ale House in Troy…stop by and wish Fred Boak “The Valet” a Happy Birthday !!

  2. John says

    This past Saturday was another Chandler experience. The show was generous as usual in it’s content and diversity and as things were winding down, I was feeling quite relaxed and almost tranquilized…(maybe it was the sake’ I’d had with dinner beforehand.) Chandler announced the last song and that was fine…the Three-O had given us plenty. Then the encore…”Things to You” and “Grand Round St. John”. John stayed on stage with his bass while Fred, Chandler, and Berk wandered into the audience and literally filled the room with love, it was a truly beautiful moment. I’ve seen the Three-O several times now and each show has been very memorable….thanks guys.

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