Adam Schlesinger, What Was the First Album You Ever Bought?

Adam Schlesinger
Adam Schlesinger

“The first albums that I ever had were Beatles records, and for years that’s all I had. I had this hippie aunt who gave me all of her Beatles records when I was about three. And for about six or seven years, those were the only records I had. Well, maybe those and `Free to Be You and Me.’

Later, I just started listening to everything that I could get my hands on. But it was definitely the Beatles first.”

In support of their latest album, “Sky Full of Holes,” Adam Schlesinger straps on his bass to join his bandmates in Fountains of Wayne as the headlining band at the Albany Tulip Festival in Washington Park on Saturday (May 12). The band is slated to perform on the main stage in the park’s parade grounds at 4pm on Saturday. Admission, of course, is free. For a full schedule of performances at the two-day Albany Tulip Festival, go here.

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