Thank You…


We try to refrain from doing a lot of self-congratulatory back-patting, but…

We’re pretty excited that somewhere around 5:15pm on Monday, ratcheted up page-view number 1,000,000. It’s such a nice round number. And it’s big, too. Much, much bigger than we ever dreamed of when we launched this sucker less than three years ago.

So thanks to everyone who logged in – if only to see your own review or photo, after an ego-Google. Hey, whatever it takes…

Let’s keep this ball rollin’!

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  1. LP says

    Congrats…..and keep this good thing going……

  2. Richard Brody says

    Congratulations on all that you do to support the culture and arts community. May you keep adding many zeroes to end of the tally.

  3. colleen says

    I THANK YOU Nippertown for the 1,000,000!

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