Garage to Glory Battle of the Bands: And the Winner Is…


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– Between the Arctic’s winning set starts at the 1:50 mark

Kyle Albano is now two for three in the Garage to Glory battle of the bands, the annual competition co-sponsored by the College of Saint Rose and The Times Union.

Albano was the lead singer with the band Try Sarah Tops when they won the top honors in the inaugural Garage to Glory competition in 2010. Then last year, when the competition shifted into singer-songwriter mode, Albano was one of the 10 solo finalists, although he couldn’t quite snag first place, which went unanimously to Olivia Quillio.

This year, the competition shifted back to full-band battle format, and – guess what? – there was Albano back at the microphone once again, this time fronting Between the Arctic, who were selected as one of the five finalists who went toe-to-toe in the competition on Friday night at the College of Saint Rose’s Communications and Interactive Media Center in Albany.

Albano and his band were facing competition from the other finalists – the Assortment of Crayons, Mach 5, My Favorite Fence and the Jenson Rhodes Band. Each band had 15 minutes to perform their original music live before a jam-packed audience and a panel of judges.

And at the end of the night, Kyle Albano was once again standing in the winner’s circle, as Between the Arctic took home top honors in the Garage to Glory musical competition. The Albany-based indie-rock band – whose line-up features guitarists Zach Ferrara and Erik Hasler, bassist Greg Austin and drummer Mike Hickey, in addition to Albano – performed three songs during their set.

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