LIVE: The Last Conspirators @ Valentine’s, 3/23/12

The Last Conspirators
The Last Conspirators: Terry Plunkett, Al Kash, TL Stone and Nick Bisanz

Review and photographs by Kirsten Ferguson

“Thirty years ago this weekend in a shit bar downtown called the Chateau Lounge, a band no one gave a shit about called the Morons did their final gig,” said singer TL Stone (aka Tim Livingston), an original member of the Morons and the current frontman for the Last Conspirators.

He and Morons sax player (and one-time drummer) Max “The Sax” Media had joined opening act the Knyghts of Fuzz onstage at Valentine’s to pay tribute to the 30-year anniversary of the long-defunct Albany group.

Starting with the punk surge of “So Electric,” Stone pogo-hopped up and down and crouched on hands and knees over the lip of the stage while delivering lines from the Morons’ tense classic.

“I wrote this one in in-school suspension at Columbia High School in 1978 when I was 17 years old,” Stone said of the second Morons tune of the night, “Suburbanite,” a dope-smoking, fist-fighting teen-rebel anthem recorded back in the day at Art Snay’s Arabellum Studios for a single that spelled the beginning of the end for the short-lived band.

After a quick breather, Stone returned with drummer Al Kash, guitarist Terry Plunkett and new bassist Nick Bisanz to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Last Conspirators.

“I started in the Morons in 1978. Here I am still doing this shit,” quipped Stone even though he showed no signs of slowing down during the Conspirators’ primal-energy fueled set, which included several songs from an upcoming album: “No Time for Egos” and the uncommonly positive “Somewhere Tonight.”

Stripe-clad garage rockers Knyghts of Fuzz – who play another of their infamous Valentine’s happy-hour residencies at 6pm tonight (Friday, April 6) with guest vocalist Mark Gamsjager – opened with a set of obscure garage nuggets, revved-up hip-swiveling ‘60s crooner songs and original tunes like “Fleshtones Saved My Life,” a soon-to-be released homage to the eternally rocking Queens group.

Powerful Friends
Walking in Hellfire
Tribulation Blues
Desperate Skies
Last Ones Standing
Somewhere Tonight
No Time for Egos
Long Live TV
Celebration of Fury
Luther Hamilton Blues
Who Wants a Revolution Anyway
Surf Rocket
Lee Harvey Oswald

3/5 of a Mile in 10 Seconds
I’m Not Talking
Hide and Go Seek
Fleshtones Saved My Life
What a Girl Can’t Do
Let It Go
Hey Sha Loy Ney
Gonna Search
Never Grew Up
Stop & Think It Over
River Deep – Mountain High
Back in the U.S.S.R.
So Electric

A tribute to The Morons: Max Media, Frank Novko, Tim Livingston, Brian Goodman and Ian Carlton
A tribute to The Morons: Max Media, Frank Novko, TL Stone, Brian Goodman and Ian Carlton
Frank Novko, Ian Carlton and Brian Goodman of The Knyghts of Fuzz
Frank Novko, Ian Carlton and Brian Goodman of The Knyghts of Fuzz

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