PYX-106’s “Wakin’ Up With the Wolf” Morning Radio Show Cancelled


Here’s the Facebook message posted this afternoon by Ellen Zee of PYX-106’s “Wakin’ Up With the Wolf” show:

“hey- just wanted to let you know before you hear the news else where- Wolf in the Morning Show has been cancelled. Thank You to so many that stuck with us over the years! We were so lucky to have so many loyal followers! What an amazing ride!”

  1. Denise Jacon Church says

    Awwwwww, sorry to see it go. Good luck Wolf, Ellen and crew!

  2. pam says

    Good Luck to All …..and you well be missed….smiles.; )

  3. Mike says

    WPYX 106.5 was the only station i listened to, from 6:00am till 10:00am. No more radio for me. DONE.
    i have tried listening to other stations. The sixx sense totally sucks. i will not pay for radio. Goodbye WPYX…..

  4. mark says

    Damn, Its going to be a boring ride to work now on RT787 in the morning.
    My road rage will kick in again…..
    Thanks for the good times over the years, wolf crew.

  5. Pat says

    I have officially switched to pandora full-time… wolf was the only terrestrial radio show I listened to… I’ll miss that local flavor in the morning.

  6. Bob zinzow says

    I can’t wait for your return in Albany. Station managers blew it,you guys rock

  7. Sharon says

    Bad Move Management!!! Only radio show that was worth listening to on the long commute in the AM. Bad enough when the format was recently changed and they played more music and had less talk. Now it just plain sucks. So does Uncle Vito!!!!!
    GOOD BYE PYX 106

  8. JimV says

    will miss the jokes>>>>good luck guys …and girls…I guess it was too witty

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