LIVE: Aztec Two-Step @ the Eighth Step, 1/28/12

Rex Fowler
Rex Fowler

Review and photogrpahs by Andrzej Pilarczyk

The indescribable singer-songwriting duo Aztec Two-Step is on the road celebrating 40 uninterrupted years of solid musical collaborations in the recording studio and on stages all over the continent.

Their recent stop at the Eighth Step in Proctors found Rex Fowler and Neal Shulman in top form singing up a storm and playing their acoustic guitars like there was no tomorrow. The room was jam-packed with fans as they took the audience on a musical journey of select songs from their 1972 self-titled debut album all the way to their newest, “Cause & Effect,” released just last month.

Because of their beautiful two-part lyrical harmonies and captivating guitar rhythms, Aztec Two-Step have often been compared to Simon & Garfunkel or James Taylor. But if you listen to them closely you would hear that these comparisons come up short because they continually strive to create or explore new musical horizons.

Unlike “The Bridge Over Troubled Water” duo, Fowler and Shulman have stayed together all these years and they haven’t been forced to stick to the same set list of “hits” decade after decade. After all, how many times, really, has Taylor had to sing, “I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen rain,” because it’s expected at every show?

Aztec Two-Step have been a popular concert staple at the Eighth Step for many, many years. It’s a fitting tribute that both Fowler & Shulman and the Eighth Step have been around for over four decades. And both are still going strong!

Neal Shuleman
Neal Shulman
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  1. rex fowler says

    Please thank Andrzej Pilarczyk for his lovely review of our 8th Step show in late January. If possible, I’d like his email address. To all affiliated, keep up the great work at nippertown, we need you (good, bad or indifferent) more than ever!
    Cheers, Rex Fowler/Aztec Two-Step & The Nutopians (my John Lennon band)

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