China’s most celebrated dancer Jin Xing is transgendered, original, rarely seen [Berkshire on Stage]

Jin Xing is extraordinary.
Jin Xing is extraordinary.

One of the few transgender women officially recognized by the Chinese government, the work of Jin Xing would be extraordinary for its enchanting choreography all by itself, no sex change operation necessary. Adding that second fact goes a long way to explaining why you will neither read nor see much about this artist who was born the son of a policeman and who at the age of nine joined the People’s Liberation Army as a boy, receiving training in both dance and military training.

She became a member of the military’s dance troupe, and eventually attained the rank of Colonel. She experienced strong transsexual desires early in life. She said she would stay outside during rain, and wish that a lightning strike would turn her body female. But for all the tormet, Jin Xing had a sense of humor that is wonderfully exposed in the names of her dances. The Imperial Concubine Has Been Drunk for Ages is one for example, a traditional work that takes on new meaning when danced by someone who is trangendered.

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