Best Press Release of the Year… So Far

David Torn (photo by Paolo Soriani)
David Torn (photo by Paolo Soriani)

Here it is verbatim from guitar pioneer David Torn:

for immediate release:

On February 11th, 2012, ships is slip while sheeps is sleep will perform original music (from David Torn’s Bar Mitzvah) at the Bearsville Theater, located against all odds in tropical frazzaBearsville, NY.

The members of this illustrious group are:
David King (formerly of “The Bald Plus”),
Ches Smith (finalist on “American Idle”),
Tim Berne (the original host of “The Dating Game”) and
David Torn (the last living member of the cast of “party of 5”).

This will be their first performance ever and David’s first concert in his hometown since Phil Jackson left NY.

7 remaining tickets are still available and, so far, Martin Caprese and Bono have each confirmed their reservations, which are, for better or worse, legion.

The concert is being recorded for HBO’s new “What Just Happened?” series, and will be aired sometime in 2011 using new technology developed by the late Mr. Wizard.

For the sake of Public Transparency & Any Attendant Internetical Chit-Chat, Mssr. Torn & Herr Berne both record for ECM Records.

Again, it’s tim berne: alto sax, dave king: drums +, ches smith: drums +, david torn: guitar +

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