The Name Game: We Are Jeneric Announce New Name


OK, we’ll admit that the first time we heard about the band We Are Generic, we thought it was a kinda stupid bandname. Why would anyone want to label their music as “generic”?

Of course, once we discovered that the band was actually named We Are Jeneric – as in Jen and Eric – the bandname took on a whole different meaning for us, and we found it quite endearingly charming.

Jen O’Connor and Eric Kranz have made some great music over the course of the past five years or so, but when their name is announced on the radio, it still sounds like We Are Generic. And of course, the band’s music is anything but generic.

With the release of their brand new single, “Tear Down the Coastline,” over the weekend, Jen and Eric finally decided that it was time for a name change. And so We Are Jeneric is no more. Long live the Parlor.

CORRECTION: Sorry about the confusion earlier. The Parlor released their new single on Saturday. The upcoming album “Our Day in the Sun” is slated for release in the spring.

They chose the name the Parlor to honor the room in the 19th century farmhouse in Altamont where Jen and Eric write and record their music.

On Friday night, Jen and Eric will take their new band name out for its maiden voyage at the annual B3nson Family Funsgiving Music Spectacular and Beard Expo at Valentine’s Music Hall in Albany. Joining the Parlor in the evening’s festivities will be Matthew Carefully, Barons in the Attic, Pinguinos, Littlefoot and the Great Between. In addition, there will be a beard and mustache competition with big prizes at stake.

Showtime is 8pm on Friday, and admission at the door is just $7, which includes a copy of the new Funsgiving compilation CD. Bring along a non-perishable food item or two for the Regional Food Bank, and save yourself $2 at the door.

  1. The Parlor says

    Thanks for the love! We’re excited to share our new single with everyone and look forward to the album’s upcoming release in early spring.

  2. Mike H. says

    fantastic show last Saturday night – the Parlor’s new album is something very special! Where and when can we get the single?

  3. Greg says

    Mike H:

    I believe that the new single is included on the B3nson Family Funsgiving compilation CD which is being given away at the big Funsgiving bash at Valentine’s on Friday.

  4. The Parlor says

    Greg is correct. With admission to the Funsgiving show you get a compilation CD featuring our new single. You can also pre-order a digital copy of the album at and you’ll get the single right away.
    xo Jen & Eric

  5. Andrew Gregory says

    There once was a band Charlie Everywhere
    May have changed the name to get somewhere
    My wish for you
    Is that it works for you two
    And become the next best known duo from here

  6. Mr. Reidy says

    Cool to hear in studio form, perhaps they will have to trade their parlor for a castle.

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