LIVE: Bobby Long @ The Linda, 11/6/11

Bobby Long
Bobby Long

British singer-songwriter Bobby Long’s recent Nippertown debut at The Linda was well received, with almost 100 people showing up to enjoy his music.

With a beer in hand and a smile – sometimes seen from under the dangling bush of hair that covered his face for more than half the concert – he introduced and played songs from his debut album “A Winter Tale.”

Accompanying him was fiddler Jack Dawson, who was having fun and not drinking beer.

It’s interesting to note that the beer was not Guinness, the traditional brew of preference for visiting Irish and English musicians. It looked like Magic Hat from a distance, definitely a different take on the time-honored tradition.

Well, that about says it all.

Bobby Long, like his choice of beer, is a brand new entity on the international music scene. He sings from deep in the heart and presents his words and guitar notes in an impassioned, right-in-your-face style.

That night at The Linda nobody left early. In fact, they were glued to every word, every note.


Could Bobby Long be the start of the second British invasion?

Review and photograph by Andrzej Pilarczyk

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