Jerry Seinfeld Returns… Like Clockwork

Jerry Seinfeld
Jerry Seinfeld, but where and when?

For the past decade, comedian Jerry Seinfeld has brought his observational stand-up routines to the Palace Theatre in Albany every other year. Yes, that would be the odd numbered years, of course.

There was June, 2001; followed by May, 2003; February, 2005; March, 2007; and October, 2009. They have all been sold-out shows – and most years, he’s had to tack on a second show just to keep up with the ticket demand. And those shows have been sell-outs, too.

Heck, way back in May 1993, Seinfeld sold-out two shows at the Palace in just two and a half hours.

Seinfeld returns to the Palace once again at 7pm on Friday night – tix are $48, $63 and $78 – but just once. No second show. It seems that the ticket demand has somewhat diminished in the years since his smash hit “Seinfeld” sit-com wrapped up its network run.

But here’s a little pop quiz to ponder: Who remembers Seinfeld’s Albany debut?

Photograph by Martin Benjamin

  1. Alan G. says

    I seem to remember him being at The Comedy Works back when his show was in its infancy, which would’ve been about 1990. Whether or not that was his Albany debut though, I’m not clear.

  2. Chris B. says

    Saw him at JB Scott’s open up for Meatloaf……..

  3. TL says

    He was at JB Scotts as an opening act. I was at the show and want to say it was Carolyne Mas, but not sure. Would have been about 1980? It used to be more common place to have comedians warm up bands back then.

  4. Bill says

    Yes,JB’s but I missed it. But did he play the Colonie Coleseum? They reference a “Latham” Mass. in the final show and I always wondered if that’s where they got the name.

  5. Greg says

    As far as we can determine at this point: It appears that TL nailed it on the head: at JB Scott’s in Albany in 1980, opening for singer-songwriter Carolyn Mas… Can anyone verify?

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