LIVE: Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers @ The Egg, 10/12/11

Stephen Kellogg
Stephen Kellogg

Something’s going on economically speaking when a great double-bill like Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers and Jon McLaughlin draws only a few more than a hundred people to the lovely and intimate Swyer Theatre at The Egg.

The tickets were surely affordable, but the public chose to stay home.

Sadly, they missed out. But those in attendance caught a brilliant performance by singer-songwriter-keyboardist Jon McLaughlin and his band. Don’t know the name? Well, you might remember him singing “So Close” in the Disney film, “Enchanted,” or his performance of that same song at the 2008 Academy Awards show for an estimated 32 million US viewers. How great is that?

McLaughlin’s dynamic performance was riveting and oh so passionate, as he sang and pumped out electrifying indie-rock at his electric piano. He is a man on his way up to ascend the rock piano throne once occupied by Jerry Lee Lewis, Billy Joel and Elton John, but for his own generation. He’s that good.

Despite the small crowd, Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers were all tuned and raring to go, as they celebrated the release of their brand spankin’ new album, “Gift Horse,” which had landed in stores just one day earlier. In addition to choice selections from the new album – including the show-closing “Gravity” – the Sixers wound through a number of tunes from their back catalog.

As far as indie-rock is concerned, these guys are the real deal with their roots-Americana approach to hook-filled pop music. Let’s hope that there’s a bigger crowd for this terrific band the next time they pull into town. They certainly deserve it…

Review and photographs by Andrzej Pilarczyk

A (With Love)
4th of July
Watch You Grow
The Bear (with Jon McLaughlin)
Song For Lovers
Shady Esperanto and The Young Hearts
My Favorite Place
Start the Day Early
Let’s Go Crazy
Big Easy
Curtain Call

Jon McLaughlin
Jon McLaughlin
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  1. Jam Head says

    it seems like this market has changed.

    whereas it used to be known for supporting the lesser-known (but higher quality) touring acts, it now seems to be acting like every other boring town and only supporting the over-hyped larger and very famous shows.

    what happened?

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