J.B. Scott’s Reunion Bash


J.B. Scotts
J.B. Scotts
Raise your hand if you remember the late, great Albany nightclub, J.B. Scott’s.

It really wasn’t much of a nightclub, actually, but the former S&H Green Stamp store at 321 Central Avenue was almost always the place to see great music.

Everyone from U2 to Count Basie played there, as well as the Go-Go’s, Iggy Pop, Buddy Rich, the Ramones, the pre-Eurythmics Annie Lenox, Tim Curry, Manhattan Transfer, the Specials, the Jam, John Fahey… They all graced that stage during the few short years the club was open. (It all ended with an early-morning fire on July 22, 1982.)

Facebookers with enough longterm musical memory have probably spent hours looking through the more than 500 photos from J.B. Scott’s that have been posted on JB Scott’s: Rock n’ Roll in Albany, NY. Most were snapped by Richard D. Schoenberg and Dave Suarez, and they manage to capture all of JB’s roll ‘n’ rollness with concert photos, backstage shots and candids of the performers, as well as the staff.

Well, Doug Jacobs and Vinnie Birbiglia – co-owners of J.B. Scott’s and the subsequent J.B.’s Theatre – are planning a big J.B. Scott’s reunion party in the spring. Saturday, May 5, 2012, to be exact, and it’s slated to take place at Michael’s Banquet House in Latham.

The bash will undoubtedly include plenty of live music and lots of jamming at the bash, but no announcements have been made yet regarding performers, and the party is still in the organizing stage.

Yeah, we’re marking it on our calendar…

Who would like like to see playing at the reunion bash?

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  1. Roger Green says

    The Go-Gos cost me five whole bucks to see.

  2. Alan G. says

    Realistically, I wouldn’t expect the Pretenders or the Dixie Dregs. But one act that seemed to attract an appreciative crowd was The Todd Hobin Band. I just looked him up online and he’s still active, especially in the Syracuse area. Hmmm… we shall see.

  3. Jam Head says

    To me, it seems like a strange location for this????

    I’d think they would have put it somewhere in Albany, downtown’ish.

    A banquet house?

    Come on guys! You just killed the good vibe that you started!

  4. Andrew Gregory says

    Trivia Question: What was the last band to play J.B. Scott’s before the fire?

  5. Seymour says

    A reunion party for a club closed in 1982? I wasn’t even born yet.

    Better have access for walkers and motorized wheelchairs for the fossils attending this.

  6. Patti says

    @Seymour…guess you better stay home then…you wouldn’t fit in with us older rockers blowing the roof off the place!!…and yes, it will be handicapped accessible for those who still want to rock!!

  7. Tedi says

    ROFL-her we are nearly 30 years later and there’s still interest-just because JB’s was “pre-1982”! Great idea! Hope to see locals back on stage!

  8. Lori says

    Would love to see Joan Jett and Nick Lowe again. And to Seymour, so sad too bad you couldn’t be a part of a great entertainment venue… : )

  9. gregorsmit says

    @seymour: We might be older than you, but we got to see all the cool bands. Stay home.

  10. Tony Jones says

    ANSWER: to Andrew Gregory’s TRIVIA question – 805 … one of, if not the best , bands I have ever heard (they were from Syracuse NY but played Cap Dist quite often).

  11. TL says

    Seymour why don’t you come out and see how hard some of us “fossils” rock. If my band ends up on the bill it may very well be your lucky night.. but you’ve just got to ask yourself one question, ‘Do I feel lucky?'” Well do you.. Punk?

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