LIVE: PearlPalooza @ North Pearl Street, 9/24/11

Mutemath @ PearlPalooza (photo by Brian Tromans)

Last week, we ran Sebastien Barre’s photo array of Company of Thieves’ performance at PearlPalooza, but, of course, there was a whole lot more going on during downtown Albany’s second annual free street fest. After all, there were 11 bands performing on two stages throughout the day-long shindig, including a powerhouse closing set by headliners Mutemath.

Photographer Brian Tromans was on the scene throughout the day, and he bestowed the following awards:

BEST BEARDS: Wild Adriatic

And he also sent along some fab photos:

The dapper gents of Locksley
The dapper gents of Locksley
Black Taxi @ PearlPalooza (photo by Brian Tromans)
Black Taxi
Ten Year Vamp @ PearlPalooza (photo by Brian Tromans)
Ten Year Vamp
The crowd @ PearlPalooza  (photo by Brian Tromans)

Photographs by Brian Tromans

Timothy Reidy also has seven collections of photographs from PearlPalooza beginning here and another batch here

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  1. Brian says

    Thanks for posting the picts, Nippertown! What a great day of music in downtown Albany!
    Besides the few above mentioned bands – there were many other highlights of the day.

    DOM – the “Madonna of garage rock”. It’s so sexy living in America, baby! Wish I got to talk to these guys after their set. I’m not sure if they had to jet to another gig or get back across state lines (MA) so their parole officer didn’t find out.

    Black Taxi – Besides winning over the ladies in the crowd, frontman Ezra was versatile on vocals, trumpet, keyboard and the glockenspiel. Songs were catchy and the band was entertaining both on and off the stage. Little known fact that came up in conversation – lesbians like bassist Krisana Soponpong. (No, ‘glockenspiel’ and ‘Soponpong’ are not innuendos.)

    Locksley – Besides being snazzy dressers, these Wisconsin guys had tons of energy on stage. (And yes, the ‘stache is real.) I can see why this band has made Rolling Stone’s Six Breakout Bands to Watch.

    Company of Thieves – Genevieve Schatz continues to impress. Besides having tea and a box of tissues on stage, you would have never known she was sick given her performance. Beautiful and gracious (call me? 🙂

    Mutemath – What can I say?! From their entrance walking through the crowd as a marching band, standing on the piano, jumping off stage, and an encore – these guys put on one hell-of-a show.

    And let’s not forget a solid local line-up of Black Mountain Symphony, Timbre Coup, Wild Adriatic, Around The World and Back, and Ten Year Vamp. Thanks for providing some backstage revelry… you know who you are!

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