LIVE: Super 400 & the Charlie Watts Riots @ Valentine’s Music Hall, 9/17/11

Super 400
Super 400

Yes, it was the official LarkFest after party, but it was more than that. It was a celebration of a coming together, as well as a departure.

Super 400 and the Charlie Watts Riots teamed up for a dynamite double bill over at Valentine’s Music Hall that kept the rockin’ going on well past dark.

Super 400, of course, were still celebrating the wedding of guitarist Kenny Hohman and bassist Lori Friday just a week earlier – with drummer Joe “The Reverend” Daley presiding over the ceremony.

The Charlie Watts Riots, on the other hand, were bidding a fond farewell to co-founding member Brendan Pendergast, who is heading out of Nippertown for greener pastures. CWR had already played several power-trio gigs without Pendergast – including a double-bill with Super 400 at McGeary’s and the Local Legends Live fest at the Empire State Plaza – but this was the last time that Pendergast was able to sit in as a special guest.

And speaking of special guests, yes, that was CWR’s guitarist-vocalist Seth Powell sittin’ in with Super 400 to knock out a rip-snortin’ rendition of the Kinks’ classic, “You Really Got Me.”

So whether the night was sweet or bittersweet probably all depended on your point of view. But it was certainly an undeniably rockin’ night…

Super 400 photographs by Joe Putrock
Charlie Watts Riots photograph by Kirsten Ferguson

Timothy Reidy’s photographs

`The Charlie Watts Riots
The Charlie Watts Riots
Super 400 with SethPowell (right)
Super 400 with SethPowell (right)
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  1. Roger Noyes says

    Was the matching white Gibson SG bass/six-string combo planned?

  2. Mr. Reidy says

    I hope so

  3. Tom says

    This story begs the question…who cares? Nothing against either band, but Nippertown has a very narrow view of local music, these are maybe 2/5 local bands that get consistent coverage. Really time to branch out, there’s a lot more music in the capital district.

  4. Sara says

    Other music out there? Hmm…we wouldn’t be talking about your band, would we?

  5. Matt Mac Haffie says

    Super 400 has put in the work, are skilled players and song writers. With fans in Boston, Denver, Syracuse and Europe all help get them the respect they deserve. If you know the band you know they actively give back to the community as well!

    As for the Charlie Watts Riots they have simply become one of the areas finest if not the best band. The super tight trio of veterans has grown, jelled, and oh the songs!

    That’s why I write about them here!

  6. Normando says

    Tom – get a grip. Nippertown has extemely broad and generous coverage. It covers the hillbilly and performance art beats, and everything in between, including hillbilly performance art. If you put three hammers in a bag and shake ’em, and then (1) record, paint, photograph, or write about the results, or (2) do it live in a performance space, and then (3) accompany the action with a decent press release, there’s a good chance I’ll read about it here.

  7. Greg says

    Tom: I hear what you’re saying. A lot of the same bands DO keep turning up at Nippertown. It’s partly because we really like ’em. Super 400 and Charlie Watts Riots are certainly among the top bands in town. We’d love to broaden our horizons to include a lot of the other bands and musicians out there. But in order to do that, we really need more help. If you – or someone you know – might be interested in writing about or photographing the local music scene, we welcome you with open arms. Please let us know, or at the very least, point us in the direction of some bands that you think deserve the Nippertown spotlight. We’ll do our best to shine it on ’em. And thanks for supporting the local music scene.

  8. Roger Noyes says

    The more active a good band is, the more coverage they get.

  9. Andy M. says

    To echo Greg’s comments… This is a collaborative effort. I’ve played in local bands and written about them for Nippertown and my own personal music blog. Sometimes they got coverage (when doing something noteworthy) and other times they didn’t. If a band is original, interesting, or at least LOCAL they’re bound to get some attention here.

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