LIVE: M.R. Poulopoulos @ Taste Budd’s Cafe, 9/10/11

M. R. Poulopoulos @ Taste Budd’s Cafe, 9/10/11 (photo by Al Goldberg)

On a recent Saturday, I headed south on a rare trip to Dutchess County. My ultimate destination – the bustling community of Red Hook, which is where Nippertown’s M.R. Poulopoulos was performing that afternoon.

Taste Budd’s Cafe sits pretty much right in the heart of the village. The brunch/lunch crowd varied from families with infants right on down to young professionals and college students. I took one of the few remaining seats, which was towards the back of the room. The incessant chatter was making it a little difficult to enjoy the set, and when a party at the front vacated their table, I eagerly moved forward.

Mike showcased most of the tracks from his recent solo debut CD, “Greenhorn,” as well as introducing the crowd to a couple of brand new ones. And there were a few inspirational covers thrown in for good measure, such as John Prine’s “Long Monday” and Mark Erelli’s “Wyoming Wind.” Although there was no harmonica, slide guitar or backing vocals – which are prominent on the CD – the solo, acoustic sound resonated with a beauty all its own.

While listening to the gentle, soft vocals and stumming, it seemed to fit right in with my drive down to the cafe itself… a serene trek through the countryside.

Review and photograph by Al Goldberg

You can catch singer-songwriter M.R. Poulopoulos at Valentine’s Music Hall in Albany at 6pm tonight (September 21) with Justin Stang and Matt Durfee. He’ll also be performing as half of the acoustic duo Palatypus at a hurricane/flood relief concert at McGeary’s Pub in Albany at 7pm on Thursday (September 22) with the Erin Harkes Band, Sirsy and Mirk. And he’ll wrap up the week with a free show at Tierra Coffee Roasters in Albany at 7pm on Saturday.

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