LIVE: Melissa Lussier/Sirsy @ Putnam Den, 9/4/11


As the saying goes, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” With lightning taking out the Final Stretch Music Fest on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend, there was still a good free show in town. The Putnam Den hosted a fine show that started at 8pm and went fairly straight through with no breaks till 11pm.

Melissa Lussier was up first. Coming all the way from Buffalo for the show, the band played without their drummer, but they were able to showcase Lussier’s impressive vocal skills. And Ron Lelito kept the music moving right along, switching from bass to guitar throughout the night.

The musicians mixed it up nicely, as the members of Sirsy and Lussier’s band were intermixed on stage during the entire performance. This made for a number of impressive duets, as Lussier and Sirsy’s Melanie Krahmer have slightly different vocal ranges. Also, Erin Harkes also joined in for a song with Sirsy.

Sirsy hit the stage for their own set very shortly after Lussier finished up, and they kept the momentum rolling for a straight two hours in the spotlight. They kept taking requests from the audience. However, Krahmer and Rich Libutti didn’t leave the audience dry, as such songs as “Hurricane,” “Avalanche,” “Landslide” and “Waiting for Rain” permeated their set.

There was no cupcake van at Putnam Den, as there had been for Sirsy’s previous Sunday night residency shows, but their performance was sweet anyway. The sound was great, and it all made for a wonderful night out… if you weren’t seeking Elton or John.

Review and photographs by Timothy Reidy

Sirsy's Melanie Krahmer
Sirsy's Melanie Krahmer
Michelle Lussier
Melissa Lussier
Michelle Lussier and Sirsy
Melissa Lussier and Sirsy
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  1. Melissa Lussier says

    Thanks for the review, Tim! Great pics!

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