FLASHBACK: The First LarkFest Theme Song

Bands for LarkFest 1981
Photo taken at Lark Beat Records of bandmembers from the Morons, the Units and the Young Reptiles (the A.D.’s were not available for the photo shoot) to promote the first LarkFest. Also, Scot Gray from the Lumpen Proles somehow is in the photo.

Hot on the heels of their first single, “Suburbanite,” in 1981, the Morons were at their peak when selected to perform at the inaugural LarkFest in Albany. Put together by local businesswomen Mary Miller of Lark Beat Records and Dana Rudolph of After the Gold Rush, no one knew what to expect from this initial street fair that was organized to promote the then just-budding Lark Street business community and the local original underground music scene. The results far exceeded the expectations as the Morons, along with contemporaries the Units, the A.D.’s and the Young Reptiles showcased before thousands that attended that day.

In preparation, the organizers decided to run a radio spot on the then-progressive and local music-friendly station Q104 to advertise the event. Recorded and mixed in one night in order to be rushed to the station the next day to use as a musical bed for the commercial, the Morons laid down a version of their song “Lark Street,” making it the first, if unofficial, theme to LarkFest.

A couple of years later, local television/radio personality David Allan wrote what he claimed to be the “official” theme for the event with his own swinging, homogenized “Lark Street Cantata,” but it was devoid of any of the dark underbelly and adrenaline-fueled spirit of the Morons original Lark Street anthem, avoiding all references to “peddling flowers,” “shooting junk” and “selling your soul for something to eat” that the young punks’ song had. So let history be written…

Unavailable in any form since then, here it is 30 years later, courtesy of Driving Rain Music, a free, limited-time download of the Morons’ original “Lark Street”! Dig it!

The-Morons: Lark Street

“Lark Street” © & ℗ 1981 The Morons/Driving Rain Music

Story by TL Stone
Photograph by Judy Seibert Kash

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  2. Peter Aaron says

    Cool! Where’s the damn anthology already? Reminds me: Still looking for a copy of that Hudson River Rocks comp…

  3. Normando says

    This is great, but you couldn’t let David Allan sit in on tambourine? WHY CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG?!?!

  4. Chris says

    Looks like it should be a song WEXT should play, too, eh? Well, listen today, and perhaps we will. Rock on, Local 518.

  5. John Brierley says

    WoW….talk about fun.LUV IT!!!!

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