Howard Glassman Is Out at The Linda

Grainbelt with Howard Glassman on the right
Grainbelt with Howard Glassman on the right

We got an email from Howard Glassman, and as soon as we glanced at the subject line, we knew something was very wrong.

It read simply, “Thanks for everything.”

Inside he wrote, “I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know that the General Manager’s position here at The Linda has been eliminated, and effective immediately I will be moving on.”

Even with all of WAMC-FM’s on-air fundraising, it seems as though Glassman has become another victim of the current economic downturn. Money crunch. Belt-tightening. Allocation of funds. Whatever euphemism you want to use, Glassman is out of a job.

But of course, he’s not out of “show biz.” He’s still got Valentine’s Music Hall. And then, there are the occasional Grainbelt show. And now there’s time for a possible Coal Palace Kings reunion or two. Maybe the Dugans, too.

And, yes, The Linda: WAMC’s Performing Arts Studio will carry on, as well. From now on, Graeme McKenna – who has been the associate general manager – will be coordinating the productions at the theater.

Glassman leaves behind a considerable legacy, having presented countless excellent musicians who would have otherwise likely bypassed Albany – great shows from Mark Eitzel, David “Fathead” Newman, Sam Phillips and so many others. And there are still upcoming concerts that Glassman booked – the Gourds on September 28, Jimmy Webb on November 5 and Eilen Jewell on December 3.

Thanks for everything, Howard…

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  1. Normando says

    That hurts. And I’m not even in Nippertown.

    Howard, I think The Mets could use a new GM.

  2. Jeff says

    That blows, he even got beer to The Linda

  3. Kirsten says

    That sucks! No one could do that job as well as Howard.

  4. Joseph Deuel says

    An absolute shame.

  5. Denise says

    This is heartbreaking and just plain WRONG…the Linda can’t afford to be without Howard Glassman …Next thing we’ll hear is that the Linda is closing it’s doors … Thank You Howard for All that You have given…There are MANY who appreciate it !! Denise & Rich Borden

  6. T-Ferg says

    Very disappointing news…

  7. Ellen says

    Oh, boo. That stinks.

  8. Carissa says

    Very sad news for the Linda and WAMC but I can’t wait to see the new line up at Valentine’s!

  9. LP says

    Earthquake…..Hurricane……and now THIS…..Howard…..thanks for all the great bookings @ the Linda……at least you are still in the game.

  10. Fred the Valet says

    Such sad news – as a visiting musician it seemed that Howard *was* The Linda – he was there when the bands set up, he took tickets at the door, he made sure the band didn’t get locked in the vault/green room – geez, WAMC, what more do you want from someone?

  11. Michael Poulopoulos says

    Amongst the tumult, may you stay steady, Howard… And hell yeah, thanks for everything, indeed.

  12. Ed Conway says

    Thanks for all the great shows, Howard. As you can see by all the posts, you’ll be sorely missed.

  13. Susan says

    Sad news, indeed.

  14. Chandler Travis says

    You’ve got to be shitting me! That’s just plain wrong; we’ll probably never play in a bank again…

  15. TL says

    I hope the Mets do pick him up. Their front office can use a man of his talents. Keep rockin’ Howe!

  16. Alan G. says

    Sorry to hear the news, Howe. But I’m sure what The Linda now lacks, you’ll make up for in other ways.

  17. Fred says

    This is a major loss to the future of attracting music events in our area. I cannot say enough about how great Howard has been for promoting and presenting the best music I have ever heard in concert for the past several years at The Linda. He is irreplaceable.

  18. BabyAl says

    I just hope the Linda can make it without Howard. He’ll do fine, I’m sure.

  19. Scott C. says

    I’m saddened beyond words to hear this news. Many thanks to Howard for countless memorable magic nights at the Linda. I wish good fortune to you in the future. I’ll try to continue to support the Linda and WAMC too, but it just won’t be the same.

  20. Bill says

    Alan Chartock most likely thought people wanted to hear Alan Chartock talk about himself and how fabulous he is. He could make a show about gynecology all about himself.

    I think I have most likely given my last donation to WAMC. Howard has always been a class act, Alan Chartock…Not so much.

  21. Jack says

    Bill, thanks for the laugh. But you are so right. The size of Alan Chartock’s ego is ridiculous and off-putting. You can’t trust a guy that narcissistic to make good decisions.

  22. Charlie Watts Riots says

    Drag. Howard is an institution, with encyclopedic musical knowledge. Big loss for the Linda.

  23. Matto says

    Alan Chartock is human garbage.

    Howard Glassman is a GOD among men.

  24. Robert Millis says

    To have built that room up to where it is today is nothing short of a grand accomplishment.

    Then to be cut loose as a reward? It defies logic.

  25. Mamma says

    What a shame! Big loss for the Linda and the area music scene. While I do not personally know Howard Glassman, I have known of Howard for years, so what does that say-institution. Keep your eyes on Valentines, I will and I expect to be seeing a lot of great music there in the future.

  26. Kathy says

    So very sad to hear 🙁
    Words cannot express the loss this will be to The Linda and to the local music community.
    Howard, best to you and your family – and wishes for great successes in your future endeavors!

  27. Devastated says

    This is a devastating blow to Albany. Howard was the best thing that ever happened to the Linda. Hopefully he’ll find something new, and we’ll have more great shows to look forward to somewhere else.

  28. creepy jackalope says

    Very sad news. As someone who once worked there with him I know first hand how incredibly valuable he was/is. He put that place on the map. On to bigger/better things.

  29. FormerWAMCMemeber says

    When WAMC belonged to the Albany Medical College, one man stood up to save the radio station. Al Fredette was that man. And when Alan Chartock got there he built upon what Al had done, and as a reward had Als position terminated. History repeats itself. When I was a memeber, I always gave in Als name, and had to call back several times beacuse Alan (a great face for radio) Chartock would not read the message out loud. Chartock has taken WAMC places no one imagined and he deserves credit. But Alan should credit the people who made that possible, for like most, he did not do it alone. Good luck Howard, you will prevail in the end.

  30. Kristen says

    Well, there’s not much to say that hasn’t already been covered in all these comments. One thing is for sure – Howard, you’re loved and greatly appreciated.
    I cant begin to speculate the extent of whats going on down at the Linda, but for them to make a move like this…
    We all find it catastrophic to our community. Best of luck to both of you, but as said earlier by many, not like Howard will need any wishes of luck. The mans got it.

  31. rich says

    Howe is a great asset to Nippertown and has put together countless great shows in a tough market. What a shame that his talents and contributions are not being recognized by WAMC. A big loss for music fans, a bigger loss for The Linda and an even bigger loss – over time – for WAMC.

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