LIVE: David Wilcox @ the Music Haven, 8/14/11

David Wilcox singing a duet with a fan
David Wilcox singing a duet with a member of the audience

The final Sunday night concert of the Music Haven’s summer concert season gave Schenectady’s Central Park a rain scare. Fortunately, the promoters improvised, turning the stage into a coffeehouse for the evening and filling it with sparkling acoustic sounds.

First up was Olivia Quillio. Accompanied by Meagan Duffy on guitar, Quillio started with an impressive set of originals. Olivia kept switching back between ukulele and guitar, and each switch seemed to be right choice. Both performers that evening were quiet enough to get the park sounds into their music. During Olivia’s set there were birds singing and playground noises. By the time her set was over, all I could think of was what a well put together sonic treat it was. The acoustics were excellent from the venue.

Next up was headliner David Wilcox, who sat in the front row during Olivia’s performance. He was cordial, offering a show filled with conversation, song and fine tuning. His background noises from the park consisted of crickets, rain and a well-timed police siren. As his set continued, he managed to get the audience to loosen up and participate more. All sang “How Long.” Later, he sang a duet with a fan and got even more help from the crowd on a song. Wilcox also enjoys creating spontaneous songs, and he made one up on the spot. This folk singer brought a happy joy to the appreciative crowd and made the soggy evening enjoyable.

Review and photographs by Timothy Reidy

Olivia Quillio with partner in rhyme Megan Duffy
Olivia Quillio with partner in rhyme Meagan Duffy
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