Top 10 Possible Reasons for the Monkees Tour Cancellation…


The Monkees’ 45th Anniversary Reunion Tour has been cancelled, including the concert that was scheduled for the Palace Theatre in Albany on Friday, September 9. The official reason for the cancellation of the the final 10 dates of the tour was “due to internal group issues and conflicts.”

Here are some possible conflicts:

10. Micky wants to close the show with “Your Auntie Grizelda”

9. Peter insists on singing all of Michael Nesmith’s songs

8. Davy wants to add songs from “Oliver” to the set list

7. Fans keep yelling, “Circus Boy!,” at Micky

6. Davy and Peter finally realize what “Randy Scouse Git” is all about…

5. Peter wants to cover Lady Gaga; Micky and Davy prefer Katy Perry

4. They’re not too busy singing to put anybody down…

3. Upset about not being asked to do the soundtrack for “Rise of the Planet of the Apes”

2. Pete Best turned them down when they asked him to play the part of Michael Nesmith on the tour

and the Number 1 Possible Reason for the Monkees Tour Cancellation…


  1. Bob Lukomski says

    The Palace would’ve been the ideal venue for seeing them live, but with the cheapest tickets being $35, what do you expect? With fees, this show would’ve set me back close about $120 just for tickets for me and my family… Forget about gas, dinner and merch… The current economy does not support this kind of nostalgia.

  2. Joseph Deuel says


  3. Kevin Marshall says

    I love “Head” and unashemedly enjoy the other stuff too, but “3/4ths of the fake and from 45 years ago isn’t going to move tickets.

  4. Lu says

    The tour began in England with a GREAT TURN OUT. Sold out shows, and it was supposed to last until July in Milwaukee. Their 2nd to LAST show was in L.A. where THEY ROCKED to a FULL THEATER. In fact, the show was SO succesfull that someone in their staff thought of adding more shows, which are the ones that are now cancelled. I doubt that the official reason was “due to internal group issues and conflicts”, thats just what ppl want to say to spew their comedic attacks.. If you google reviews of the show you may just realize that some of you really missed out.

    Their show had clips of the tv show, commercials, videos of their music, including clips from ‘Head.’ it really felt like a musical, and aside from Micky and Peter playhing they included a good set of musicians which made the music come alive very refreshed… their set list was really something, i knew i was gonna like the show, i didnt know i was going LOVE it!

  5. g thomas says

    I saw a show on the tour, and it was one of the best concerts I have ever been to!

  6. stephanie says

    I saw the show at the beacon theatre on 6/16 & it was fabulous. I do not think that it was anything but
    internal conflicts/ These guys have a history of fighting before or maybe they were not getting as big a piece of the pie! I was going to go to Westbury and now we may never see them in concert again.

    The NY Show was sold out as was westbury. I am sad.

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