LIVE: Paul McCartney @ Yankee Stadium, 7/15/11 [Travels With Rick]

Paul McCartney @ Yankee Stadium (photo by Rick Bedrosian)
Paul McCartney @ Yankee Stadium (photo by Rick Bedrosian)

Pat and John picked me up just after noon on Friday, July 15th, 2011. I first saw Paul McCartney two years ago in Queens, NY at Citi Field, home of The New York Mets. Prior to that 2009 show, I made the mistake of calling ahead for rules and regulations. I was told that no cameras or picture taking of any kind would be allowed. Reluctantly, I purchased a Nikon Coolpix. When I arrived at Citi Field, my heart sank as I saw dozens of people entering with full-size SLR cameras and zoom lenses. Even though I was in the 4th row, I emerged with only one halfway decent photograph. Ironically, that picture ended up on the cover of Classic Drummer Magazine and I received a photo credit. Go figure. Damn the rules and regulations. This time I came prepared.

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