The Cases of Grey Fox


At a big music fest like last week’s Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival at Walsh Farm in Oak Hill, there are often so many musical instruments scattered around a performance area that it’s sometimes difficult for musicians to identify just which instrument case is theirs.

Hence, the process of customization…

Thile's case
Chris Thile's case
The Gibson Brothers' cases
The Gibson Brothers' cases
Owner unknown
Owner unknown

Photographs by Sylvia Aronson

  1. dan johnson says

    I’d love to see more of these… This definitely warrants a thorough study…

  2. Mary Burdette says

    What a great start! With artists and fans who have traveled the world to play and hear bluegrass, there are wonderful instrument case stickers, bumper stickers and tee shirts to be seen at Grey Fox — from Austin to Uzbekistan and everywhere in between.

    One of the many beauties of Grey Fox is that the festival presents all branches of bluegrass and acoustic music and therefore attracts fans with eclectic tastes from all over the globe. This year I met a couple from Wales who traveled to Grey Fox just to see the SteelDrivers, and Paolo (from Italy) who came to meet up with musicians he’d met last year in Genoa.

    What fun!

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