Be Here Now: Indie-Rock Craft Show @ SwordPaw HQ, 7/16/11

Ben Karis-Nix
Ben Karis-Nix

Indie rock meets arts & crafts?

Well, why not?

From 4-10pm on Saturday (July 16), SwordPaw HQ at 313 10th Street in Troy is hosting the Indie-Rock Craft Show, featuring lots of great music, as well as plenty of visual art and crafts on exhibit (and for sale). The fest is an all-ages affair, and refreshments and other fine edible goodies will be available. Suggested donation at the door is just $5.

The live music portion of the fest will feature performances by:
Ben Karis-Nix
The Ameros
(with Terry McClain sitting in on drums)
Severe Severe
Sea Of Trees
Ghoul Poon
Small Town Cinema

The arts and crafts portion of the fest will feature work by:
Courtney V Photography
Ben T. Mancino Photography
Crystal Powell
Design It Together
Eugene Falco
Tight Knit
Rebecca Smith
Timothy Reidy
Rebecca Rentz
art by sarah jane

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  1. Kevin Marshall says

    I really want to go! One problem – I have no idea where Swordpaw HQ is, and unfortunately it seems neither does whoever’s doing their website (I’ve turned that thing upside down looking for it and the street address is nowhere on there).

  2. Mr. Reldy says

    Should be a great time. look for the ‘as seen on Nippertown ‘ sign.

  3. Greg says

    Yes, one would think that a street address might find a well-deserved place somewhere on their website, but then again, perhaps it’s a secret society? Anyway, I have amended the post to include the address – which is 313 10th Street in Troy (at the corner of Hoosick St.).

    Hope you have a great time, Kevin.

  4. Kevin Marshall says

    Thanks Greg! I e-mailed them too to let them know.

    I hope it’s a great time too. Though if it is a Secret Society and people in masks tell me “take off your clothes” while ominous piano music plays in the background, I am SO out of there.

  5. Greg says

    Gee, I dunno, Kevin. That sounds like a REAL good time…

  6. Mike Hotter says

    any word on the fire that cancelled half the night?

  7. Mr. Reldy says

    just very minor and half the show got cancelled.

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