LIVE: Randy Harrison Rocks The Berks in The Who’s “Tommy” at Colonial [Berkshire on Stage]

Paige Scott and Randy Harrison (photo by Christy Wright)
Paige Scott and Randy Harrison (photo by Christy Wright)

Last night there was a miracle – in more ways than one – on South Street in Pittsfield. The Who’s Tommy is the first production of the newly minted Berkshire Theatre Group and it was more than good, or great. It was heart-thumpingly fantastic. By the time the classic story of Peter Townshend’s deaf, dumb and blind boy had been told, the audience was up and out of its seats, whooping, hollering, dancing in the aisles with complete joy and abandon.

In decades of seeing theatre, including the original Broadway version of Tommy, and its national road show company, I have never seen anything like this response before. My delight with the show was pretty unexpected too, as I found tears of joy suddenly streaming down my face.

But I am a critic and this is supposed to be an objective review. So I have pulled myself together to try to give you the reasons why, despite the many Tommy‘s before it, this is the one to see and save in your memory.

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