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Jekyll and Hyde @ Mac-Haydn Theatre

“Why is it so much fun to play the bad guy?” asks James Benjamin Rodgers in his program bio. Rodgers is playing both of the title characters in the Mac-Haydn’s marvelously spooky production of Jekyll and Hyde and from viewing the show, the answer is obvious to me.

The “bad guy,” Mister Edward Hyde, gets to murder all the stuffy old Victorian pah-foots who were so snide and condescending to that nice Dr. Henry Jekyll earlier in the show, and he gets to romp lustily with a saucy prostitute named Lucy (Carman Napier), who has it all over Jeckyll’s wimpy good girl fiancée, Emma Carew (Alison Drew), who wears her nightie buttoned up to her earlobes.

Being nice is, well, nice, but being really, really awfully evil is glorious! And that is exactly what the potion Dr. Jekyll has concocted – in the admirable hope of finding a cure for mental illness – permits him to become.

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