ArtBeat: Now That’s More Like It! (Sculpture in the Streets) [Get Visual]

George Rickey: Rectangles Horizontal Jointed, Big, Thin, Small
George Rickey: Rectangles Horizontal Jointed, Big, Thin, Small

A year ago I posted a review of Sculpture in the Streets, a program of the Albany Downtown BID, that was titled For Shame! because I was appalled at the BID’s decision to feature the work of Seward Johnson, an artist with popular appeal but very little else to offer.

It’s a pleasure to report that this year’s installation is a complete turnaround. Five strong pieces by the late, great George Rickey comprise the walking tour, which is in place through next March, augmented by previously existing installations of four other Rickey sculptures in Albany, Colonie, and Troy. The result is an extraordinary opportunity to experience the elements of time and space in the direct way that only the best art can offer, and sculpture in particular above all other media.

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