The Return of Paddy Kilrain: Moon & River Cafe, 7/1/11

Paddy Kilrain (photo by  Bryan Thomas)
Paddy Kilrain (photo by Bryan Thomas)

In late March, 2006, singer-songwriter Paddy Kilrain was hit by a car on Madison Avenue near Lark Street in Albany. She smashed the car’s windshield, bounced off the hood and slammed onto the ground, but miraculously escaped death. She did, however, suffer a broken leg and additional injuries that made it difficult to play guitar or sing.

It’s been five years since she has performed a public show.

However, after years of physical therapy, she’s finally ready to step back into the spotlight. Kilrain is slated to perform her comeback show at 8pm on Friday at the Moon & River Cafe in Schenectady. And that makes it a very special kind of homecoming show because Richard Genest – who owns the Moon & River – is also the former owner of Mother Earth’s Cafe in Albany, where Kilrain first made her mark on the Nippertown music scene. Arya Chowdhury will be sharing the stage on Friday night.

Performances at the Moon & River Cafe are typically free, but for this special show, they’re asking for a $5-10 donation.

If you want to be there, though, you’d better get there early because M&R is small, and you can bet there’s going to be quite a crowd on hand to welcome Paddy back.

  1. Normando says

    Wonderful news – welcome back Paddy!

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  4. michael eck says

    We love you Paddy. Welcome back.

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