Hump Day Unusual Moment


Yeah, “School’s Out.”

But who was that playing guitar with Alice Cooper last weekend in London? Could it be Johnny Depp?

  1. TL says

    Could be.. Depp played guitar in the band the Rock City Angels early on. He left to pursue his acting career before they recorded and released their major label debut, “Young Man Blues”, on Geffen, but he does have a co-writing credit on the album for the song “Mary”. Conspiracy theories abound about the band and Geffen allegedly putting them on hold to make way for Guns & Roses. Don’t know the truth behind all of that, but what I do know is “YMB” is a killer album and RCA’s frontman, Bobby Durango, soldiers on today independently with a new RCA lineup, recording and playing in the Memphis TN and Florida areas. Their 2009 release “Use Once and Destroy” is another fine slice of Southern-fried soul-punk worth checking out. Hoping Durango can afford to bring the troops north as we have talked about some possible Rock City Angels/Last Conspirators shows!

  2. LiLi says

    Interesting…Isn’t that actually a School’s Out mashup with Pink Floyd’s The Wall in there?

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