LIVE: RPM Puppet Conspiracy @ Grand Street Community Arts, 6/22/11

RPM Puppet Conspiracy
RPM Puppet Conspiracy

It was a perfect evening of underground art at Grand Street Community Arts in Albany.

Bands (performance artists) Brief Bouts of SPIMES (Calamity Noise Implosions & Yeti Grunts) and Redefined Arguments (Ascended-Master gluon plasma rock: Big sound, small people) played short sets, then the RPM Puppet Conspiracy presented a fast-paced little sci-fi story, “The Standard Model.” Based in Chicago or Vermont (Angela was vague), RPMPC is David Bailey and Angela DiVeglia, and they’re winding up a six-week tour that covered half the U.S.

The play is a cleverly super-charged story of space creatures and lost eyeglasses, laser bombs, end of the universe, etc. I had fun. Great venue. Good attitude. Heck of a nice way to spend a Wednesday night.

Review and photograph by Ed Atkeson

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