Flashback Foto: Name the Band, Win A Prize


Flashback Foto

Hey, it’s Thursday. So that means…A FREE PAIR OF PASSES to the Spectrum 8 Theatres in Albany will go to the third commenter who correctly identifies this band. Please keep in mind that all of the Flashback Fotos are of local Nippertown bands of yesterday, which should help steer you away from guesses like Trixter and Tesla.

To make it fair, comments on this post won’t show up until we announce the winner on Monday afternoon. One comment per person, please, and be sure to leave your email address, too. We won’t publish it, but we’ll use it to contact you if you win. Good luck! Whoa, no winners this week, although B should get an honorable mention for snarkiness (and yes, I absentmindedly started approving comments when I shouldn’t have, but we caught it in time.) You can try your luck again on Thursday!

PS: Our two resident rock critics did come up with the correct name of the band – Eros, featuring Gary Butts, Mark Ernst, Gary Grimaldi and Alan Payette. Circa 1977, according to the photo.

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  1. B says

    Kamikaze Hearts.

  2. charmboy says

    I just did a spit take when I read B’s response!! Haha!!!

  3. martyn says

    the plague!

  4. BJ FItzGerald says

    I’m gonna say Triffid because the guy on the right sure looks like a young, strapping Alan Payette haha!

  5. michael eck says

    Wow. Eros. A shirtless Alan Payette and dig the mustachioed Mark Ernst with the Ovation Deacon (just like Bob Nati from the A.D.s).

  6. Oates77 says

    This is GREAT!

    Looks like a combination of Manowar and Sweet.

    Let me take a guess……..Fu Manchu?

  7. Michael Hochanadel says

    Is that…Eros?

  8. Myron says

    Blacksmith. Wait, no,,,,Micah.

  9. martyn says

    flashback photo feature request – when you do these, I’d love to hear more about the bands and the story behind the photos. Who were they, where did they play, what became of them?

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