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A bunch of varying opinions on last week’s Albany Tulip Festival:
Sara Foss at Foss Forward
Patrick Porter’s illustrated report at Keep Albany Boring
Excerpts from photo sets by Bennett Campbell and Sebastien Barre at All Over Albany
Chuck Miller kept it strictly tulip-centric at his blog
Andrew’s alt-Tulip Fest photo essay, also at Keep Albany Boring.

At his website, Bob Dylan – yes, Bob Dylan – blogs about the controversy over his recent concerts in China…

On her blog I’d Rather Blather, singer-songwriter Erin Harkes writes about the recent Rickie Lee Jones concert at The Egg and her on-stage kerfuffle with guitarist Jeff Pevar.

Hippest musical tastes: If widest and wildest wins it, J. Eric Smith is surely in the running…

At Foss Forward, Sara Foss weighs in on the Top 10 concerts around town that she’s most looking forward to seeing this summer season…

Nice job by Tom Keyser, Lori Van Buren and Joseph Dalton at The Times Union’s Arts Talk in covering the Albany Symphony Orchestra’s debut at Carnegie Hall on Tuesday. And in case you missed it, here’s The New York Times review of the performance, too.

And hey! The Arts Center of the Capital Region in Troy has a new website … finally. It’s soooo much better than the old one, although we’re still searching for the online entry form for the next month’s Fence Show. Where is it?

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  1. JES says

    Thanks for kind words and a lovely link . . . does this mean I’m forgiven for The Good Rats???

  2. Greg says

    J. Eric – O, no. Definitely not. Good Rats? We forgot about that one. You just caught us on a good day when we’re just trying to be all grown-up and open-minded about music. We might revoke the praise tomorrow… when we revert to our usual, narrow-mindedness.

  3. Lauren Hittinger says

    You can find information about the Fence show, including a pdf of the submission form, at http://www.artscenteronline.org/fence-salon-2011-2/
    We are beginning to accept submissions on Sunday, June 12th.

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