Other Voices, Other Rooms


At AlbanyJazz.com, J Hunter reviews the recent tribute concert for Sam Farkas at Proctors’ Robb Alley in Schenectady. With photographs (and more photographs) by Rudy Lu.

At Fun in Saratoga, Dan De Federicis reports the fabulous news that our favorite summer-only dining spot – PJ’s Bar-B-Q in Saratoga Springs – is gearing up for renovations that will soon allow PJ’s to stay open all year long.

At his Times Union blog, Chuck Milller features a beautiful black & white photograph that he took of the Palace Theatre…

At Art Beats, Caroline Corrigan offers a photo array of “Yarn Orbs,” the installation by Senior Fiber Arts students from Skidmore College. The installation is at the entrance of the Arts Center of the Capital Region in Troy.

At Foss Forward, Sara Foss weighs in with her personal survey of the all-time best rock collaborations. Number one? Foss goes with the David Bowie/Queen joint effort on “Under Pressure.”

Sirsy loans out their Times Union blog to Dave Graham of the Blisterz, who explains the how and the why behind his decision to organize the annual WildwoodStock benefit concert – which is taking place at the Parting Glass at 12noon-9pm on Sunday with a whole bunch of great local bands contributing their time and talent.

At the WGNA blog, Scott Blaine reports that you can visit the Major League Baseball World Series Trophy up close at Joe Bruno Stadium in Troy on Thursday.

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