Win FREE TIX to See “Hyper-Rainforest” @ EMPAC at RPI on Thursday



You’ve probably never heard anything quite like this before…

On Thursday evening, acclaimed composer-sound artist Francisco Lopez presents the world premiere of his new work, “Hyper-Rainforest,” with a concert at the Concert Hall at RPI’s EMPAC in Troy. The sound-piece is created entirely from various rainforest field recordings that Lopez has collected over the course of the past decade.

The site-specific concert-installation for the EMPAC Concert Hall of EMPAC will be presented with a specially installed, large, multi-channel set-up consisting of 80 speakers arranged around, above and below the audience. “Hyper-Rainforest” is a truly immersive sound experience.

Lopez’s “Hyper-Rainforest” will have a three-night stand at EMPAC at RPI – at 8pm Thursday-Saturday, April 28-30. Tix are $15; seniors and students $10.

BUT WAIT… What’s this? A FREE pair of tickets? That’s right, One lucky Nippertown reader will win FREE TIX to Thursday night’s performance! To enter the contest, just post a comment below. Please leave your email address, too. We won’t publish it, but we’ll use it to contact you if you win. The winners will be selected at random and notified on Thursday. Good luck! Congratulations, Jimmy!

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  1. J. Welf says

    looks pretty awesome.

  2. Jon says

    sounds awesome

  3. -S says

    Love that photo.

  4. Laura says

    EMPAC is amazing, so glad this concert will be there.

  5. Cynthia C says

    I think that this will be AMAZING! I want to go!!!!! after dining out for Life!

  6. brahdor says

    chirp chirp chirp

  7. karamia says

    if you have a travel bug, but can’t seem to get out of the capital district, maybe this is the next best thing?

  8. Elizabeth says

    Immersive sound experience? Sign me up!

  9. Jeff says

    I have been talking to my students all week about this multi media experience

  10. Cliff Bird says

    I would love to hear this.

  11. jimmy says

    Remember the heat and the blindfolds when he played 51 3rd street in ’03?
    Sublimely memorable, thanks to Jmart and Jsteve.

  12. Jason Steven Murphy says

    Glad to see everyone is so amped on the piece – I checked out a staff preview yesterday, and it was just awesome. Preemptive congratulations to the person that wins this pair – that showing is now sold out (as are all the original 8 PM performances)!

    To those that do not win the tickets: we just opened up two more on Friday 04/29 + Saturday 04/30 at 9:30 PM – hope you can make one of them!

  13. Jason Steven Murphy says

    Oh, and glad someone here was at the 51 3rd street performance way back – that was one of the wildest shows I have ever put on. I seriously thought that the Troy police were going to respond to a noise complaint (one of the openers was so loud that they overheated one of the speakers!), and would walk into a packed pitch-black room of people wearing blindfolds and just arrest everyone on suspicion of being in a really loud cult. Thankfully, that did not happen. What a great freaking night.

  14. J. Welf says

    Anyone one else go to this last nite?

    It was pretty awesome

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