Ticketmaster Announces a New Way to Screw Concertgoers: “Dynamic Pricing”



Ticketmaster pretends to care about the customer, but in reality nothing they have done in their entire history has ever lowered ticket prices to the public. This despite the huge scale of its operation, which should provide some cost efficiencies. It is a corporation, after all, and its reason for being is to squeeze every penny it can out of the shrinking wallets and pocketbooks of the people who attend live performances.

The fact that this ravenous corporate sponge has not made any inroads into the Berkshires is one reason our music, theatre and dance organizations are so much healthier than those other places who have to cede a large portion of their potential revenues over to “service” and “convenience” and “on line ordering” fees. These can amount to one third of the price of a ticket.


Over the years they have dreamed up new excuses for charging ticket buyers more, and today, they announced a doozie. It’s dynamic ticket pricing, and it is based on the way airlines sell tickets – raising prices as the seats become fewer. What they want to do is to cut the scalpers out of the mix, and grab their profits, too.

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  1. Andy M. says

    And that’s why they have earned the moniker “Ticketbastard”

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