RIP: Bob Gori

Bob Gori in 2007 (photo by Buck Malen)
Bob Gori in 2007 (photo by Buck Malen)

We are deeply saddened to report the death of a longtime staple of the Nippertown punk scene, Bob Gori. A guitar slasher of the first order, Gori was a founding member of such beloved Albany ’80s punksters as the Misfits (later known as the Tragics) and Lethal Lipstick. More recently, he was been playing in the acoustic duo Without Reason.

Here’s Bob’s bio from his Myspace page:

Bob Gori was there from the beginning of the Glitter/Punk scene in NYC in the early 70’s, when he returned from Vietnam, ready for a new start on life… The Velvet Underground was already legendary. Androgeny ruled. Along side Iggy & the Stooges, the New York Dolls and a young Aerosmith was Starry Eyed Slut, with Bob wielding his guitar, on stage at Max’s Kansas City. They recorded two albums at the time and toured extensively. When punk really started to hit the city with acts including the Ramones and Blondie, he was there in the CBGB’s pocket taking part in everything right down to the pizza-throwing rituals. Most of the recording from that time, along with video footage, are either lost or destroyed.

In 1980, Bob formed The Tragics in Albany, NY (aka the Albany Misfits, but the “Misfits” tag had already been claimed by Glenn Danzig). “Mommi I’m a Misfit” was released in 1981 and was a hit on the underground circuit in the US and Europe. The Tragics were Liz Davies/vocals, Bob Gori/lead guitar, Tom Collins/rhythm guitar, Wayne Haskins/bass and Brian Boldue/drums.

Aqua-Net Super Hold, Spandex and stretch limos were the driving image of his next band, Lethal Lipstick. Their self-titled debut album was recorded at the legendary Bearsville Studios. The east coast was blasted! Due to poor management it was never released nationally, even after piquing the ears of the major labels. Lethal Lipstick was fueled by Nick Grind/vocals, Bob Gori/lead guitar, Rock Thomas/rhythm guitar, Gary Grafixx/bass, and Dan Hammer(RIP)/drums.

After a brief hiatus, Bob is still cranking in the northeast! Bob has teamed up with Tom Keller on their new project, Without Reason, playing everything from classic rock, blues, jazz standards to neo-classical, now available for bookings! The 25th Anniversary reissue of “Mommi I’m A Misfit” 7″ vinyl is now available from LoudBlaringPunkRock Records, at PO Box 3067 Albany NY 12208, or go to!

UPDATE 4/20: A prayer service will be held 2 p.m. Saturday, April 23 at the Tebbutt & Frederick Memorial Home, Albany. Relatives and friends may call at the funeral home Saturday 1 to 2 p.m. Interment Saratoga National Cemetery, Schuylerville.

Bob Gori’s obituary

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  1. TL says

    A Rocker… Old School… Have not seen him in years, but many a fond memory trading rock and roll war stories… Such a nice guy. A sad week for the arts and music community.

  2. Nick Grind says

    Some of my best memories are ones that include Bob Gori. He was so much fun. We formed Lethal Lipstick together and had an awesome with it. We could always look forward to a limo ride to and from the gigs. 🙂

  3. Norman says

    I didn’t know Bob that well, but he was always super nice to me and a lot of fun to talk with. I’ve been enjoying replaying some of those conversations in my mind — he’ll be missed.

  4. Sarah Gori says

    “It’s only Rock & Roll, baby…”
    – Bob Gori

    Rest in Paradise Daddy, I love you so much!

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