LIVE: “Sealed Containers” @ Micro Theatre, Pittsfield 4/11/11

Poet Michael Houlihan, actor Bob Balogh and musician Sam Rosen
Poet Michael Houlihan, actor Bob Balogh and musician Sam Rosen

“When I am alone in this gloomy bunker for too long my racing thoughts churn up suspicions, mirages, and misconceptions…Pent up anxieties stay hermetically sealed inside of me and cause me to endure an endless war of good guys versus evildoers in my head.” – Bob Balogh, Bunker Mentality

As I was watching Bob Balogh perform Kevin Beary’s monodrama “Sealed Containers,” I kept thinking “This is just like ‘Bunker Mentality,’ only not as good.”

“Bunker Mentality” is Balogh’s own monodrama about a lonely and mentally unstable person, and whether or not it is actually the better play, I enjoyed seeing Balogh perform it more than I enjoyed seeing him do “Sealed Containers.” But the similarity is clear enough in that I was able to pull a quotation from that script which neatly described the mindset of Beary’s protagonist.

Nobody does Balogh like Balogh, and that is as it should be. Some writers write to be read and some writers write to be heard. Ballogh’s primary performance outlet is radio*, so it is no wonder that he falls into the latter category.

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