Be Here Now: Where is Chopin? Music and Multimedia Performance @ EMPAC, 4/16/11

Jaroslaw Kapuscinski: Where Is Chopin?

It has been described as “an evening of lighthearted media compositions intertwining video, computer graphics, the music of Chopin, and piano.” Or if you love Chopin, perhaps one word would do, an evening of “bliss.”

Where is Chopin is a commemorative project for the composer’s 200th birthday by Jaroslaw Kapuscinski. It’s both a performance and an installation that looks for traces of Chopin’s music in the minds and faces of people from around the world. The perceptions and emotions appearing in people’s faces as they listen to Chopin were photographed and then shown in counterpoint with expressive extracts from 24 Preludes Op. 28. The installation version features a player piano and three-screen projection.

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