Jim Furlong Steps Back Into the Spotlight

The Ad's: Jim Roberts, T. Rice, Bob Nati and Jim Furlong
The A.D.'s in 1987: Jim Roberts, T. Rice, Bob Nati and Jim Furlong (photo by David John Lammers)

It’s been quite a loooong time since Jim Furlong stepped out from behind the counter at his Last Vestige Music Shop on Quail St. in Albany and into the rock ‘n’ roll spotlight. But back in the day – “the day” being the ’80s, in this case – he was a powerhouse vocalist and magnetic stage personality – first with his punk-fueled rock band the A.D.’s and later with the garage-rockin’ Trash Knights.

At 6pm on Friday at Valentine’s Music Hall in Albany, Furlong returns to the stage, sitting in as the special guest with garage-rock trio the Knyghts of Fuzz, as they celebrate the release of their recording debut – a slab of 7-inch vinyl featuring the crowd-pleaser, “U.G.L.Y.”

Furlong knows all about the power of the 7-inch single. In fact, the A.D.’s helped spearhead the local DIY charge back in the early ’80s with a pair of white-hot 7-inchers – including one of Nippertown’s most enduring rock anthems, “Living Downtown.”

In the liner notes for their dynamic 1987 album, “Know Hard Feelings,” the A.D.’s describe their music as “the sound of blazing guitars, primitive rhythms. HARD ROCK. Not metal. Metallic. Metallic love songs for the loved and unloved, hopeful and pessimistic.”

All of the A.D.’s records were released on Furlong’s own Blue Lunch Records label, and for a while in the early ’80s, Furlong also helmed the local music fanzine, Blue Lunch, which featured members of the Albany music scene writing about their favorite bands – like the Weekenders, the Crude, the Quickies, the Young Reptiles, Anomie, the Rockin’ Dakotas, Section 81, the Dronez and others.

On Friday evening, Furlong passes the torch with a cross-generational rock-the-garage shindig and record release party that you won’t want to miss.

Blue Lunch #3
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  1. Roger Green says

    STILL own 2 of the A.D.’s singles!

  2. martyn says

    Huh- i always thought that Blue Lunch was Mark WIlkin, the bass player, later with Mambo X? I remember some hoo-ha with the Figgs when Blue Lunch was sold to someone and they were putting out Figgs stuff without permission? Or something? Found this via google:


  3. Sara says

    At the beginning, it was definitely Jim’s. I know because I put out two singles on that label. It may have passed on to Mark later, though.

  4. jim furlong says

    Well, it was a blast last night. Thanks to all who showed up! It felt good top have my face in front of a microphone again. Flailing about on stage was good therapy. Thank God for lap swimming, yoga and pilates!
    Blue Lunch was a label/ fanzine started by me to push the A.D.’s and the fanzine.
    Mark Wilken, former bassist and co-founder of the A.D.’s asked if he could put some
    material out on the label later on and I told him to go for it.. which he did prolifically.
    I don’t know anything about the Figgs issue mentioned by Martyn.

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