Be Here Now: Start Making Sense @ Jillian’s, 2/18/11


In recent weeks, Jillian’s in Albany has been looking something like Tribute Band City with shows by Live Wire (AC/DC), Appetite for Destruction (GNR) and Fatal Sting (Scorpions), as well as the upcoming Stormfront (Billy Joel).

But one tribute band on Jillian’s slate has me intrigued – Start Making Sense, who take over the downtown stage at 9pm on Friday. Yes, they’re a Talking Heads tribute band.

Start Making Sense is a seven-piece combo led by frontman Jon Braun in the David Byrne role. They hail from Bethlehem, PA. And they’re managed by Andre Chomondeley, the guitarist and mastermind behind Project/Object, probably the only tribute act that I’ve consistantly enjoyed over the years.

It’s going to take some serious versatility to cover the Talking Heads’ wide and varied musical legacy from the jittery, minimalist new wave of “Talking Heads: 77” to the Afro-funk of “Remain in Light,” but Start Making Sense just might pull it off.

Start Making Sense performs at Jillian’s in Albany at 9pm on Friday. Tix are $10 in advance; $12 at the door.

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