Jammin’ the Blues


If you’re a fan of roots-music – especially the blues – you may want to check out a fairly new organization on the Nippertown music scene – the Capital Region Blues Network.

According to their website, “The Capital Region Blues Network is an all-volunteer group of blues fans and musicians dedicated to providing, promoting, and preserving blues music in New York’s Capital Region.”

One of the events that the group has focused on is the continuation of the Sunday Night Jam at the Roadhouse Grille in Colonie. The YouTube video above features the Rhett Tyler Band performing at last Sunday’s session.

The weekly sessions take place at 8pm on Sundays, although due to the Super Bowl this coming Sunday, the Sunday Night Jam has been moved to 8pm on Friday, February 4. Stephen Smith will be hosting Friday’s jam, with special guests Denny Dwyer (guitar) and Ian Bennett (harmonica/sax) dropping by.

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  1. ZeroProfit says

    I really hope this club does better than the now-defunct “northeast blues society”. The moderator says to critique ideas, not people. OK. Capital region blues fans searching for some new ideas? Don’t rely on the same old few tired “blues guitarists” . I know a bit about his new “club” and from all I can gather, it’s Ed with the very same folks as the last “club”.

    “meet the new boss, same as the old boss”. This new club is not even news. It is neither fresh nor really new.

  2. Andy M. says

    I’ve been to the jams under the old NEBS banner when it was run (into the ground, some would say) by the previous “curator” and the jams were hosted by the late great Steve Katz. Many a Sunday evening was spent networking with other area musicians, not all of them great players necessarily, but the point of an open jam is to give people a chance. For new musicians it’s a chance to get up on stage and show their stuff. For seasoned vets it may be a chance just to get out of the house for the night and hang with some old friends. In my case, it’s been a little of both. Even though I’ve been playing regularly for several years with “real” bands I still visit the Sunday blues jam from time to time to check in and have a little fun. Jeremy W. is a fine host and does his best to balance players so that everybody gets a chance.

  3. CC says

    @ZeroProfit: Someone makes an effort to put together a scene, and all you can do is poo-poo it? I mean, you haven’t even been there to see what it’s like yet. Why tear it down before it’s even begun?

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