Media Watch: A Little or a Lot?


In their “The Week Ahead” post, wrote, “There’s not a whole lot lined up this week for music…”

In his Jukebox column in The Daily Gazette, Michael Hochanadel wrote, “This may be the busiest live-music week here all year…”

Hmmmm, I suppose it all depends on your point of view…

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  1. J Hunter says

    In the words of Satchel, “Ha ha… Wait, what?” “Not a whole lot lined up”? If you take everyone playing at the Experience Hendrix show and let each of them play with his/her own band, you’d have a pretty monstrous festival! Plus Hot Club of Detroit at APFJ last night, Jerry Weldon at Flights of Fantasy tonight, George Winston playing in Glens Falls (aka Upper Nippertown) Sunday… I mean, come ON!

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