ArtBeat: DownStreet Art @ Various Locations, North Adams, 09/30/10

Bruce MacDonald: Crucified Stuffed Bunny @ Berkshire Artists Colony
Bruce MacDonald: Crucified Stuffed Bunny @ Berkshire Artists Colony

Downstreet Art wraps up its season of last-Thursday-of-the-month artwalks this Thursday from 6-9pm with a full-fledged party including gallery openings, bands on the street, puppet parades and specials at local businesses, all to celebrate the arts in the city of North Adams. Here’s some of the highlights:

Avalon Seafood Gallery is seeking to inspire the public’s imagination with its North Adams Makeover, a re-visioning of the city using blueprints of the existing downtown as the point of departure for a show incorporating hand-drawn plans for a revised downtown, three-dimensional models, photographs and wall text. (Through October 24)

MCLA Gallery 51 is hosting Quantum Spectrum, a group exhibition of artwork with roots in graffiti or non-permission art. A wide ranging show of works from the urban wilderness including prosthetic masks, vending machines, fabric creations, books and installations, the exhibit features John Breiner, Rich Browd, Andreis Mikael Costa, DahOne, Dizmology (Miguel Ovalle), J.Elias, Hellbent, Taras Hrabowsky, Coby Kennedy, Mr.Kiji, Rich McIsaac and One9. (Through October 24)

The group exhibit at NAACO Gallery has the theme You Can’t Get There From Here, addressing journeys (both literal and personal) and their assorted maps, topography and distances. (Through October 28)

The BAC Gallery will host an art talk on Bruce MacDonald’s Crucified Stuffed Bunny at 7:30 p.m.

“Crucified Stuffed Bunny” has been visible in the window of the BAC Gallery throughout this past summer. While the work has been admired by a number of visitors to the gallery, others have expressed dismay at the religious symbolism in the painting. This art talk will explore both the theological and artistic issues that the piece raises with a panel of local religious and art leaders who will speak on their reactions to the work from the perspective of theology, social commentary in the arts, theology in the arts, and more. The talk will conclude with a discussion with the audience.

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