Other Voices, Other Rooms


At AlbanyJazz, J Hunter describes the goodbye kiss that was the last night at the Bread & Jam Cafe.

Chuck Miller has won our ears (and hearts) with Ten Really Groovy Sunshine Pop Songs.

Not a blog, but the National Endowment for the Arts website has posted an in-depth interview with Latham’s master Ghanian drummer Yacub Addy, who was recently honored with a Heritage Fellowship.

What’s going on in the Nippertown theater world? Gail knows.

HudsonSounds previews upcoming classical and contemporary music events in Nippertown.

Capital District Fun is THE source for family entertainment ideas in Nippertown.

J. Eric Smith, formerly (and possibly in the future) a blogger at the TU, is now king of his own country.

Rob Madeo, formerly a blogger at the TU, is now king of his own country.

An interview with The Duplex Planet’s David Greenberger @ The Zine Collection.

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  1. Rob says

    It’s good to be king. Huzzah!

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