Be Here Now: “North South Currents: Bogota/Troy/Guelph” @ EMPAC at RPI, 9/8/10


Now this is what we call a 21st century jam session.

Presented by iEAR, “North South Currents: Bogota/Troy/Guelph” will take place at EMPAC’s theater at RPI in Troy at 5:30pm Wednesday.

But it’s also taking place in Guelph, Ontario.

And in Bogata, Columbia.

If we’ve figured this out right, the hour-long performance will feature a number of musicians in all three different locations performing together via an audio/video link-up.

The Guelph contingent will feature avant accordion pioneer and deep-listening advocate Pauline Oliveros, along with percussionist Jesse Stewart and hurdy gurdy player Ben Grossman.

Balloon virtuoso Ricardo Arias will join them live from Bogata.

Meanwhile, the Troy team will feature Jonas Braasch on soprano sax, Curtis Bahn on dilruba, Doug Van Nort on laptop and Blair Neal on video.

The Troy musicians will also offer a live performance of Bahn’s “containment and dispersence” following the global interlink session.

Admission is free.

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